What will you learn from this eBook?

  1. Comprehensive rental application overview 

    What is the most effective way to use a rental application?  It's critical to understand the circumstances under which you should collect an application.  Further, make sure whatever rental application you're using is covering all requirements from a compliance perspective.

  2. Common red flags on rental applications 

    Learn to recognize the patterns and tendencies of less-than-desirable applicants. The fastest way to arrive at a good rental decision is through practice. That’s why we’ve broken down the most common red flags you should look for on a rental application. After reading, you will be able to quickly and easily process and interpret information you receive from applicants.

  3. The information you can access and what it means 

    Every rental application includes a massive amount of information from each renter. It can take some skill to learn what it all amounts to. Being able to efficiently assess this information can give you a major edge in your career. Get to know exactly what information you’ll receive and what it all means in the end of the day.

How to collect Rental Applications using RentSpree

  1. Invite applicants to apply 

    Share a special LeaseLink™ with renters so they can apply. RentSpree will then walk applicants through the entire application process.

  2. Applicants authorize 

    Applicants enter all required information and authorize their screening reports to be pulled and instantly shared with you.

  3. View and Print 

    You will receive an email notification for each applicant who applies. Access all reports in seconds to view, save, or print.